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APC in early CRC stages

APC is a tumor suppressor which has a crucial role in down-regulating Wnt signaling. Our lab studies different aspects of APC expression, mainly its role in the early stages of CRC development.

An emerging method for studying the colon is the organoid system.  Colonic organoids are 3-dimensional structures that resemble the full organ in microstructures, cell types and growth characteristics and thus serves as a reliable model for therapeutic intervention.

We grow colon organoids from human normal and CRC biopsies. These colonoides are analyzed and are currently cultivated in order to establish novel treatment strategies.

Colonoids treated with the read-through agent G418 show reduced levels of active β-catenin (A) and Wnt target genes (B) as well as decreased cell proliferation (C).


Characterization of colonic organoids.

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